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All purpose saddles are generally used for Forward seat equitation and similar flat classes. Although they are ok for jumping, they are not ideal. They can also be used for lower level dressage, but again are not ideal for either purpose. Higher level eventers will usually own 2 or 3 different saddles to show in. One for stadium jumping, and a dedicated dressage saddle for dressage, and sometimes they will use a different jumping saddle for the Cross Country event phase. Typically, an all purpose saddle will have a straighter flap than a dedicated jumping saddle, so as to interfere less with the horse's shoulder in order to better show off it's gaits. The flap, although straighter, is usually not quite as long and straight as a dedicated dressage saddle and the seat will be not quite as deep as a dressage saddle, yet deeper than a jumping saddle. If you want to show in all of these classes, yet can only afford one saddle, then this is the one to get. The plain flap all purpose saddle also makes a great polo saddle.

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Saddles come with stirrup leathers and metal stirrups. Regular saddles have 2 D-rings near the pommel, but no Ds near the cantel. Extra Ds adds 2 Ds on the right (off) side near the cantel. You will have to order your girth separately. All Purpose saddles come with short billets unless long billets are requested. This means that you should order a long girth for short billeted saddles and a short girth for long billeted saddles. You may need different size girths for different size horses. Dressage saddles typically use a short girth because this eliminates the extra bulk caused by girth buckles under the rider's leg. You will probably also want to order a saddle pad to go with your saddle, and a bridle for each horse.


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All Purpose Saddle

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$90.00 - $100.00

Knee rolls &/or thigh blocks

$10.00 - $15.00

Add Knee rolls or thigh blocks under the padded flaps of English saddles. There are 2 basic types, "concealed" - which are actually located on the lower flap of the saddle, and are the most common type of knee rolls on jumping saddles, and "exposed" - which are part of the padding on the upper flap and are more visible.

Don't forget to order your saddle pad and girth!

Color Chart

This chart shows currently available color choices based on pre-dyed kangaroo lace from my vendor. I will dye the saddle and other tack items to match this lace as closely as possible.

Color Chart