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Flat Racing Tack


My flat racing saddles are highly detailed. In addition to the usual saddle colors listed in the chart below, I can make them in custom colors as well, such as grey, red, green, royal blue, etc. I can also make them in real patent leather - which is a shiny, rubber coated leather. Patent leather does not take tooling though, so the race saddles made from it do not look as detailed. You can specify the custom saddle color in the comments field when you place your order.

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Each race saddle comes with a pad, a girth and an overgirth. You must also order a saddle cloth (number) to go under the saddle, as well as a bridle for a complete set.


Order your race tack here


Flat racing Saddle

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Race saddle cloth (number)

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$15.00 - $20.00


Flat racing bridle

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$28.00 - $45.00

Racing Accessories

Hoods, etc.

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$28.00 - $45.00

*Important information regarding saddle cloths, numbers and colors.*


Tip: Race tracks in the US adopted a standardized number/color scheme for saddle cloths sometime around the late 1970's, so if you are attempting to depict a particular horse in a particular race you will want to adhere to the standardized colors. If your race is supposed to have taken place earlier than the 70s or in a country other than the US, you can probably get by with a black cloth with a white number. Contrary to some novice's theories, the saddle cloth is not supposed to match the jockey's silks!

For information how to choose the colors and patterns for a jockey's silks, see my info page, or on the resin jockey page.

Color Chart

This chart shows currently available color choices based on pre-dyed kangaroo lace from my vendor. I will dye the saddle and other tack items to match this lace as closely as possible.

Color Chart