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English Saddle Pads

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Choose your English saddle pad type and place your order from the sections below. (Scroll down for Western pads, etc.) *note: There is a difference between the "square quilted dressage pad" and the "XC square quilted pad" - Dressage pads are larger, and hang further down the horse's side, to accomodate the longer flap on a dressage saddle. If you are ordering a pad for a jumping or forward seat saddle, order the "XC square quilted pad", it will fit much better. If ordering for a dressage saddle, make sure you order the correct one.

Fitted Saddle Pad

For English Saddles (numnah)

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Square Quilted Pad

XC Square Quilted saddle Pad

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$20.00 - $27.00

Dressage Pad

Square quilted dressage pad

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$20.00 - $27.00

Half Pad

Fleece half pad


Saddle Seat Pad

Fleece half pad for Saddle seat saddles


*Flat racing number saddle cloths are located on the Flat Racing page!*

Western Saddle Pads

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Western Saddle Pad

For pleasure, barrel and trail saddles

$15.00 - $25.00

Western Corona Pad

Corona pad for parade saddles