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For Performance Showing

Here are a few items you will need for showing your model horses

Tacky Wax

a.k.a. "Sticky Wax"

"Tacky wax is a translucent adhesive which adheres to practically any surface. It removes easily with warm water. Made in USA"


Department 56 Tacky Wax

1 oz. (28g.) tub


This is what we use to adhere our metal bit halves to the horse's mouth. Wax is also useful to hold reins in position, and to make stirrup leathers and other straps lie flat. It can also be used to hold reins in a doll's hands and keep them from falling out. It wipes off easily and does not harm your model's paint. It is actually good for the leather of your tack. A must-have for the model performance shower.

Banding Elastic

Can be 1/4" to 3/4" wide, elastic waist band material, and should be 28" to 26" long. Use it to compress leather saddlery tightly to your model just before showing to give it a more realistic, natural "drape" and to minimize some of the "scaling effect" of the materials.


Banding material for saddles

Approx. 1 yard (36") piece


If you would like more information on how to band a saddle and what kind of saddles this can be done to, see my "How to Band A Saddle" page.